Danko Burojevic was born in 1985 in Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Belgrade. He is a graduated football coach. During his education as a trainer of younger categories he was engaged in several schools. He was also actively engaged in playing football. From March 2017 he passed professional practice and has been working in the Training center TOP GYM.
He works with recreational  and professional athletes of all ages, and also as a strength and conditioning coach with younger selections of the water polo club PARTIZAN and seniors of the water polo club BANJICA.
He is specially focused on continuous education, acquisition of new and application of already acquired knowledge from functional anatomy, physiology of training and theory of sports training in work with recreational athletes and strength and conditioning preparation of professional athletes.
Recreational he is engaged in football, various physical activities, he likes to meet different cultures, people and to travel.