Top GYM Professional practice

Professional practice that Top Gym offers is a great springboard for professional development in the field of fitness and rehabilitation. It is designed for students who attend final years at sports and physical education faculties and colleges. Become a part of an organization that will enable you to gain experience and self-confidence.

Apply for Top Gym professional practice

You should apply for Top Gym professional practice if you:


Since 2015 Top Gym professional practice has helped a lot of young people to create their own path. Our former practitioners are now professionals in the field of fitness and conditioning, owners of gyms and fitness centers, creators of innovative types of services in fitness. Yet the best of them are a part of Top Gym trainers’ team.

You will have an access to our various programs, adjusted to numerous different situations that we encounter while working with our clients.

Apply for Top Gym professional practice

Professional practice is not:

We do not teach you to be a trainer; we offer you a chance to become a trainer.
You should attend professional practice eagerly, and not see it as a punishment.
You do not come here to train or compete, but to learn how to work with clients.

Impressions of the participants

How professional practice is organized:

Total duration of the practice is 12 weeks.
You attend the practice two days a week.
You attend the practice five hours a day.
Available hours are 8 a.m.-1 p.m. and 4 p.m.-9 p.m.
Total duration of professional practice is 120 hours.
We agree on the hours and days with each practitioner individually.

The conditions you need to meet are:

1. To be a student or a graduate student of Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, or similar faculties and colleges

2. To attend or have finished a course in the field of fitness.

How to apply for professional practice

1. To e-mail address you need to send:

2. CV in Serbian, in the form of a Word document

3. Motivational letter (why you want to apply for the practice, and why should we choose you) in Serbian, in the form of a Word document

Apply for Top Gym professional practice