Our programs were created with the aim of helping people who have experienced an injury or a surgery. However, we also work with healthy people who want to improve their strength and condition. It happens quite often that our clients after the rehabilitation program go on and attend trainings for recreational exercisers. A special program is created for each client, strictly adjusted to their needs.

Knee injuries

  • cartilage damage
  • meniscus injury
  • anterior cruciate ligaments injury
  • medial collateral and lateral collateral ligaments injury
  • quadriceps tendinitis patellar tendinitis
  • soft tissue inflammations
  • recovery after breaking knee cup

Other injuries

  • wrist injuries
  • foot injuries
  • shoulder injuries
  • hip injuries
  • elbow injuries
  • hand injuries
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • muscle ruptures
  • tendonitis
  • recovery after breaking bones
  • sciatica

Strength training

Posture correction

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